Monday, August 8, 2011

Rough day

It's been a rough Monday here at the Bowlby house.  We got up early for the air conditioning man and of course he was 3 hours late so that messed up Claire's nap schedule.  Then Claire pooped all over her clothes.  So I did a load of laundry.   The second the washer buzzed to tell me it was done, Jack decided to puke all over the carpet, which meant more laundry.  Well the day can only get better from here.  Claire is finally taking a nice nap in her bouncy seat and it's Moe's Monday ($5 burrito, chips and a drink special, we started going when I was pregnant and it was Claire's favorite food!). 
  These 2 pictures are from April and May, look how big the red dress was on Claire. 
This is Claire in August, what a difference a few months makes!  It's a newborn dress and I am now having to pack it up along with the rest of her newborn clothes.  I remember when newborn clothes looked soooo big, and now they look sooo small.  I can't believe my baby will be 6 months old in less than 2 weeks!


Katie B. said...

Oof, hope your day improves! Moe's always makes things better!

Baby Munchkin said...

Yes, thank goodness for Moe's. The little one just puked all over herself and thenthe hairy one decided he might as well puke again too! Oh and as I was typing this the little one just puked again. . . she's staying naked this time!

Mma said...

I hope Claire isn't coming down with something. Hopefully today her tummy and Jack's are back on track. I've never been to Moe's...I'll have to give it a try!