Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rough day :(

Claire's shots didn't sit so well with her this time.  She was up most of last night and has been super cranky today.  I feel bad because she is usually such a happy baby.  We went to the drug store and bought Claire her first bottle of acetaminophen and bought me a big bag of M&M's.  I'm hoping the medicine helps her to be more comfortable and sleep.  It took 45 minutes of walking around rocking her to get her to sleep tonight (it usually takes 5). 

 These are pictures from Saturday night when Claire got to attend her first sorority party.  She did great and of course everyone thought she was cute :)  She was not in the mood for pictures she wanted to play.

1 comment:

Mma said...

Those shots can play havic for the little ones. Hope she felt better the next morning.
So Claire is already a "party girl"...I'm sure she was the main attraction!