Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visiting daddy

Claire got to visit daddy at work today.  I wasn't able to take many pictures; it was enough to carry Claire, her diaper bag and a bottle of hand sanitizer around. 
 Alison was our tour guide since daddy had to go and shoot a story. Poor daddy, his story was on the over 100 degree temperatures. 

 I am starting to realize how much little Miss. Claire needs to see her mommy to be happy.  She loves to go out with me and look at different people and places.  The second I'm not holding her though, she starts to look around for me,  if she sees me she'll give someone else about 2 minutes to hold her until her little eyes well up with tears.  It is very pathetic looking. 
 She did get a chance to pose with Kristen.  Claire plans to go back soon to get pictures with all the rest of the wonderful people she met. 
 Claire did enjoy hearing how cute she is and how much she looks like a baby doll. 
 These are some pictures left over from yesterday.  I thought they were just too cute not to post.  I'm very proud of Claire for holding her baby keys.  She actually tried to shake them herself for the 1st time.

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Mma said...

What a pretty outfit to wear to Daddy's office...looks nice and cool for a hot day.