Monday, October 24, 2011

BIG weekend

Whew, Claire and I spent the day recuperating from her big Baptism weekend.  She got to meet lots of new relatives, wear a pretty dress and get presents, what could be more fun for a little girl!  I haven't had time to load all the new pictures, so here are a few from before all the festivities.  These are Claire's last pictures in 0-3 month pajamas.  She is such a big girl now that she wears 6 months pjs.  They are still big though, so she ends up kicking her feet out of the sides, even though they have footies.

 Claire has her hands ALL over everything!

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Mma said...

Such a happy girl! I can't wait to see the photos from Claire's Baptism. I did get to see a few photos of her in her dress that Grandma Rice made from your wedding lovely!