Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Which pumpkin would you pick?

The weather in Charlotte may not reflect it (80 degrees), but it's almost Halloween.  We took a trip to the pumpkin patch today and Claire got her picture taken by my talented friend Amber.  I love love love these pictures and think they really capture Claire's personality and how inquisitive she is right now.Claire had a great time sitting in the grass for the first time and taking in all the new sights and sounds.  She also loved looking at Amber's adorable little girl Stella.  Stella did a great job of shaking Claire's toy to try and get her to smile. 

 Side note:  Don't let the cute shots fool you.  The back of Claire was covered in poop in these pictures.  We've had more blow out diapers than I can count the past 2 days.  As soon as I get one load of laundry done, Claire makes another. 


Mma said...

What fun for Claire...hope she got a big pumpkin! This brings back many memories for me including one of my favorite photos of Liam in a big pumpkin patch. Harvest time and Halloween are so much fun.

nana b said...

I would pick ALL of them!! She is so cute!! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.


Nana b.