Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

 We were Dorothy and Toto.  Claire liked trick or treating until she got cold and hungry.  That's when the tears came, then the screams and then the looks from people like I was pinching the baby.  After a little milk, Claire loved playing with her candy.  Earlier in the day we went to our city's downtown and walked around getting candy from the merchants.  Claire was very upset because everyone kept calling her a boy :(  I noticed all the merchants would have chocolate in their hands to give out, but once it was Claire's turn, they would put it back in their bowl and give her a lollipop.  Apparently they thought Claire would eat lollipops.  The best comment was from a lady that gave her skittles, "Here's some skittles, she can gum these."  Ha Ha, I think skittles would be a choking hazard.


Mma said...

Looks like Halloween fun was had by all. I think that some adults need to take a course on Trick-or-Treat candy giving 101!!!! Liam, the vampire, had a great time too. Ask your mom to e-mail you the 2 photos I send to her of Liam.

Baby Munchkin said...

I saw the pictures. He was such a CUTE little vampire!!! He certainly made out with the candy.

Mma said...

I think Liam is cute too but then I'm a proud grandma. We are about to put together a package to send to a unit of soldiers in Afghanistan so the candy jar will be much reduced in size...I hope they have a good dentist over there!!!