Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I need a raise!

 It's been a long couple of days at the Bowlby house.  We think Baby Claire is teething.  She is VERY cranky, chewing on everything and is using her teething pacifier.  When Troy's mom visited at the end of May we accidentally had her buy Claire a teething pacifier.  It's very hard and Claire never wanted anything to do with it.  We offered it to Claire on Sunday and it hasn't come out of her mouth since.  The only thing that Claire likes is listening to music and having us rock her like a baby.  She will only play with her toys for about 5 minutes before the screaming starts, and let me tell you, Claire has a loud set of lungs on her.  I feel so bad for her.    I want my sweet happy baby back!!!!  On a side note, thanks Nana Bowlby for the Notre Dame onesies, Claire loves showing her team spirit and looking girly while doing it. 


Katie B. said...

Oof! Good luck with the teething. What is that expression in the last photo? It looks like she's giving you some serious attitude! She's lucky she's so cute!

Mma said...

I hope Claire will find some comfort until she is able to get those teeth to pop through...ouch!!!