Tuesday, November 29, 2011

9 month stats

12lbs 8oz
23.5 inches long
40.7 head circumference

Claire loved playing with the paper and looking herself in the mirror at the doctor today.  She kept touching the mirror and looking back at me smiling.  I hope they don't mind all the tiny fingerprints. 
The doctor says Claire is doing well, but wants us to fatten her up.  She currently drinks about 4 oz every 3 hours and eats a half jar of baby food for dinner.  We've tried to get Claire to drink more, but when she's done she's done and gags and spits out the bottle.  I am going to work on feeding her baby food for breakfast and lunch. 

The doctor also said Claire could try out a sippy cup of water and eat puffs and Cheerios.  Now the drinking is something Claire picked up on this very quickly, but the eating didn't go so well.  I gave her a tiny piece of puff and she proceeded to gag and then puke all over the quilt Aunt Katie made for her Baptism (luckily it washes up very nicely).


Katie B. said...

Such a big girl! I'm glad you're putting the quilt to good use. :)

Mma said...

It's always so much fun to watch as a baby sees herself in a mirror. As for the eating...give her time as Claire will catch on to it just like she has all those other new things that were introduced to her...she'll be flinging those Cheerios all over the place soon and actually putting them in her mouth as well.