Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baptism Weekend Post Begin

Claire's Baptism weekend began with the arrival of Troy's Grandma Bowlby and Aunt Linda.  We were very excited they made the trip from Vermont to be present for Claire's special day.  Claire took a special liking to her great grandma right away.  She wasn't sure about Aunt Linda at first. . .
but then Aunt Linda started playing with her and Claire lit up and realized she had a new friend!

These are pictures after our trip to South Park mall.  We had a great time eating at The Cheesecake Factory (oh it was sooooooo good), and then Claire was treated to a shopping spree at Baby Gap.  Thanks to her Vermont relatives Claire got some VERY cute clothes ( stay tuned for pictures of the pretty dresses).  It was very sunny on the ride home and it was shining right in baby Claire's eyes.  Her great Grandma Bowlby was so sweet and held her purse in front of Claire's eyes so that she could take her nap. 

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Mma said...

How wonderful that Troy's family members from Vermont were able to come and celebrate such a holy time in your family's life. It is a blessing that Claire was able to be with her great grandmother and aunt. I love the close up photo of the 3 of you. Can't wait to see more of the Baptism.