Sunday, November 27, 2011

9 months old

 Claire turned 9 months old last Saturday, can you believe it?!  She's really acting like such a big girl lately.  I'd say her skill of the month is rolling, rolling, rolling.  Previously if you put Claire on her tummy, she'd flip over immediately onto her back.  She'd do it 10 times in a row if you kept putting her back on her tummy.  Now she keeps going and can roll all over the room (this is good and bad).  I used to lay her on a towel when I got a shower, not anymore. . . last time I tried, I found her halfway to the toilet.  Claire sleeps in her crib now (in our room) at night and we are working on her sleeping in there for naps.  She loves playing with toys and is getting good at hitting the buttons and understanding cause and effect.  Her feet finally touch the floor in her jumper and now she loves to jump and jump and jump.  She wants to touch EVERYTHING and bursts into tears if you don't let her or if you take something away from her.  She is getting better at eating and can now consume a half jar of fruit and cereal for dinner.  We got to the doctor Tuesday to see how much our big girl weighs.  I'm guessing 12.5 pounds. 

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Mma said...

Happy 9th month Claire. I hope all went well at your doctor's visit! I love your outfit.