Saturday, November 5, 2011

Go Irish

Uncle Justin came to visit today so he could go to the Notre Dame game with my daddy.

They said I couldn't go, so I am home playing with mommy.


Katie B. said...

How could they say no to that cute face! So glad ND won--otherwise, you'd have to deal with two grumpy guys!

Mma said...

Time to start looking for some pom-poms and a cheerleading outfit for Claire so that she can help support Daddy's team!

Baby Munchkin said...

Claire told them she could hide inside her daddy's coat to get in the game, but they still said no. We were VERY happy they won! Claire actually already has a cheerleading outfit, but it's a size 2T so it is going to be awhile before it fits her, ha ha. Her Nana was excited to find one. She is going to need some pom-poms though!