Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big girls eat CHICKEN

 In these pictures Claire is eating peas, chicken and mashed potatoes, and she loved it!  You should have seen her today at Chick fil a with her friend Kayla.  I had a coupon for a free kids nugget meal and Claire actually ate most of the meal.  She ate 2 entire chicken nuggets, the oranges and strawberries from the fruit cup and she drank some of the little milk bottle (although she still can't use a straw),  Oh and we traded in her toy for an ice cream cone, her favorite part of the meal.  I heard several yums from her little mouth.  I am going to have to track down places that offer free kids meals!

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Mma said...

Just think what Claire will eat once she gets her teeth in. Liam is just at the opposite stage as he is about to lose his first baby tooth and his first 6 year molar has also recently cut through.