Friday, March 30, 2012

Visiting the NICU

We had a wonderful opportunity last night  to speak at the nicu where Claire spent her first 61 days.  Everyone was amazed at how big and beautiful Claire has become.  It was very weird reliving my old daily routine of navigating through the parking garage and checking in at security with my little munchkin with me.  Claire was very well behaved and smiled at everyone. She also took 2 big girls steps completely unassisted!!! I am so glad we were given this opportunity. 

However, it was very sad to hear the current nicu parents stories and to see the hopeless looks on their faces.  I remember feeling like that.  I still wonder how I ever left my baby everyday for 2 months, it hurts my heart to just think about it. 

We don't want other parents to ever feel like we did and we don't want other fragile babies to spend their days getting picked and prodded instead of being hugged and kissed by their mommy and daddy.  Please make a small donation to Team Baby Girl Bowlby in Claire's honor for our March of Dimes Team. 

A big thank you to both of Claire's wonderful grandparents for donating this week!  Grandma and Granddad Rice and Nana and Pop Bowlby's generous donations made our total hit $500!  This means that next week we get to go pick up a sign with Claire's name on it to display in a special area at the walk.  We then get to customize it with pictures and make it sparkle.

This was Claire in beginning, I HATED when they made her wear the mask over her eyes. 

I much prefer to see her beautiful eyes like this!

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