Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kayla's 1st birthday party

At the beginning of March we went to Claire's friend Kayla's 1st birthday party.  Claire had to check out the card.

Kayla was a nice girl and shared her toys.  She even tried to help Claire ride. 

How cute are these girls!

Claire got to hang out with her friend Mccoy at the party.  His 1st birthday is today and we can't wait to go to his party next week.  Can you tell I was holding something up to get the kids to look, ha ha.

"Come on dad, take me to go get a cupcake!"

Don't worry, Claire ate almost an entire cupcake!

It was a ladybug party, Kayla's mommy worked really hard on all of the details!

The party included lots of playtime.  This is Claire with her buddy Eli. 

I'm so glad I've met this wonderful group of ladies and babies!

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Mma said...

Play groups and parties are soooo much fun!