Saturday, March 24, 2012

Story time the happy week

Luckily this Wednesday's story time was all smiles and fun.  I let Claire take one of her alphabet letters in with her and she held it and sucked on it the entire time.  I think it made her feel more comfortable. 

Notice Claire is wearing shoes, I am so excited that her little feet are finally big enough for shoes and that she keeps them on.  They are size 1 (0-3 months) sandals and make her look like a big girl.  Now I want to find her a cute pair of summer sandals and figure out what size fits her best. 

Claire is chewing on her baby picture album in this picture.  The handle is a teething ring and we've filled the album with pictures of Baby Claire.  She loves looking at the pictures. 

After the library we went to Chick fil a where Claire proceeded to eat 2 chicken nuggets, fruit, a mum mum and spoons of ice cream. 

It was a very fun Wednesday!

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