Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cards make Claire HAPPY :)

Claire gets SOOO excited after we check the mail if I give her an envelope. 

 She'll spend all afternoon looking at the picture on the card, opening and closing it and of course tasting it. Claire doesn't quite know the value of a dollar yet, so if there is money in a card, I have to take it away pretty quickly or I think it would end up in little pieces or in her belly.
 This frog card from Great Aunt Linda plays music, Claire was just mesmerized by it!

 She's had a lot of fun with cards lately since she's gotten both Valentine's day and birthday cards in the past few weeks.  I stack them all up the coffee table every night and each morning Claire pulls the cards off one by one, reads them and then scatters them all over the floor.   


Mma said...

Looks as though you already need a huge scrapbook to Keep Claire's cards in!

Baby Munchkin said...

Thanks for the birthday card you sent Claire! It was the first one she recieved and she loves playing with it.