Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Practice makes perfect!

 Harris Teeter (local grocery store) gives 1 year old kids a free mini cake for their birthday.  Since I am making Claire's cake, I thought we would try out the free one a few days early to make sure Claire didn't have any allergic reactions or throw up (which she likes to do when she tries a new food).

Oh she had no problems digging into the cake.  I put it on the floor to take a few pictures and before I knew it she was digging her little hand into the frosting. 

 She may not look anything like me, but she definitely has my sweet tooth!


Mma said...

Claire certainly caught on to what she's supposed to do with her 1 year old birthday cake...yummy and fun too!!! I know you can't wait for the big day.

nana b said...

Oh, how cute!!! She does have that one year old birthday cake eating down pat!! "Just put your hand in the cake and shove it in your mouth." Love the pictures. Sure wish we could be there to celebrate her big day because it really is a big day and we are so thankful she is here!!

Love to all,
Nana & Pop