Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Claire's first tea party

This afternoon Claire invited all of her friends over to enjoy the new tea set one of her boyfriends gave her for her birthday. 
 Would anyone like a brownie?

 No one, I guess I will have to eat it!

 The guest in attendance are :  Pink puppy (her Baptism present from her mommy), her new baby doll from her another boyfriend (we haven't named her yet), Bitty baby (her Christmas present from Nana and Pop) and Beth (her birthday Cabbage patch from Grandma and Granddad)

 Oh and of course Jack got an invite too!

Tomorrow all the guests are invited back for a picnic.  Claire wants to try out her new picnic set from cousin Luke.  Oh and Claire's outfit is a birthday gift from Nana and Pop.  Claire is one lucky little girl and very appreciative that her friends and family are so generous :)


Mma said...

It looks as though the tea party was a big success so I'm sure that the picnic will be as well. Oh, the places Claire's imaginative play is going to take her...enjoy and record every moment!

nana b said...

Thank you so much for the pictures with the outfit on that we got her for her birthday - it is adorable on her!!!! Sure wish we could have been there to join in the fun - looks like everyone had a great time. She got lots of good presents - should keep her busy for a little while at least!!

Love to all,
Nana & Pop