Thursday, February 9, 2012

Library Wednesday

All of Claire's loyal blog readers know about Fajita Friday, well we also have Library Wednesday.  We meet Claire's friend Kayla for storytime and Chick fil a.  Both girls love hearing the stories, singing songs, tugging on the parachute and best of all the bubbles! 

 Kayla, that shaker sure looks fun!
 Here you go Claire.
 Shake shake shake

I need a rest, it's hard looking this cute!

This is what my mommy looks like when I pull my bow out at the last minute and she tries to catch it.

 I didn't feel like smiling.

hmmm which toy should I put in my mouth????

We have a winner!

 and of course eating the diaper bag is always very fun!

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Mma said...

There is always so much fun to be had at the library especially when you visit with a very good friend! The library is still one of Liam's all time favorite places to go to.