Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini Munchkin

Claire is teething (we hope, she could really use a tooth to put some variety in her diet) and I wanted to know the correct Tylenol dose so we headed to the doctor yesterday for a quick weigh-in.  I had always guessed she's be 14 almost 15 pounds at a year old.  I was very wrong.  Claire has only gained a pound in the past 2 months and weighed in at only 13lbs 6oz.  The nurse said it's probably because Claire is so active, because believe me the girl can eat.   She is getting really good at eating "real" food.  Last night she ate chicken, mashed potatoes, apple blueberry baby food, a mum mum and peach ice cream for dessert.  Then less than 2 hours later she drank her whole bottle.  It looks like though we are going to have a 1 year old in the 13 pound range, ha ha.  I think she's going to be in the 3-6 month clothes awhile longer, we certainly get our use out of clothes!

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Mma said...

Claire's menu made me hungry for my lunch...ha! Speaking of lunch, Amy and I enjoyed a delicious lunch with Grandma Rice at her house on Monday and since Liam and Isabella had already eaten they had playtime together until dessert was served. The weather was warm so before we headed home we all enjoyed some outdoor time at the neighborhood playground. A very nice visit was had by all!