Tuesday, June 19, 2012

16 months

 I think the best way to describe Claire at 16 months is BUSY.  From the moment Claire wakes up to the moment Claire goes to sleep she is moving and exploring.  Claire likes to run back and forth between the family room and the playroom.  She doesn't push her stroller or car she drags it with one hand through the kitchen.  Claire loves to dance and starts to wiggle whenever she hears music or the word "dance."  Claire still hates to get her diaper changed or put clothes on, but once the clothes are on and you tell her she's pretty she dances around admiring herself.  Claire loves "outside" and if she hears the word runs to the front door and bangs on it.  Her best friend is Jack, anything and everything to do with Jack.  She loves meat ( chicken, ground beef, pork chops).Claire loves being a little mommy and drags her baby all around the house.  She still loves books and has her favorites that we read multiple times a day,  

At 16 months Claire is a very fun and lovable little girl.

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Mma said...

Claire is definitely pretty in pink! I'm so glad that you take photos of Claire in her lovely chair as we can get a clear picture of her growth by how she fits in it. The monthly updates of her favorites is fun to look forward to as well. Enjoy each moment as she is changing so quickly and the time does fly by.