Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Wake Up Ever

 Claire woke up from her nap this morning to find a box full of surprises from Nana and Pop Bowlby.  She was very excited and helped me pull each item out of the box and then lean her whole body into the box to look for more.  Her favorite from the box is a cool Elmo cell phone that makes noise.  She knew right away to put it up to her ear and talk.

 She thought the pillow pet would be a nice comfy spot to put her new cell phone for a nap.  

 This is Claire modeling the new outfit she found in the box of presents.  It is a great fit and we already have a pretty hair bow to match. . .

 although as you can see the bow didn't stay in very long!

Not pictured:  Claire also got a new book.  It was so cute to watch her take the book, sit in her chair and "read" the book to herself.  I see it going into our rotation of favorites.  
Thanks for the great presents Nana and Pop!!!!!!!

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Mma said...

That is a very cute outfit for the summer and it seems to fet Claire perfectly.