Monday, June 4, 2012

Splash pad fun

 Saturday morning Claire took an early nap in anticipation of meeting her boyfriends at the splash pad.  She wanted to be ready to go so she slept in her bathing suit.  

 The splash pad is a cement area that has different areas that shoot out water.  Claire never cried, but was a little hesitant about going into the water.  She thought it was fun to walk up and then quickly turn around and walk back to her daddy.  

 This is Claire with one of her boyfriends, Mccoy.  He's a few months younger than Claire, what you can't tell.  

 The mommies and babies

 After some water fun we walked a few steps to the train. 

 After the train ride, we headed over to the swings. . . which still scare Claire :(

 We keep trying in hopes one day she will change her mind.  

 After a quick baby food lunch, Claire was ready for more water fun!

 This is Claire's other boyfriend, Eli.  

 We had such a fun day, you can expect to see lots of pictures from this park this summer!


Mark and Jen said...

So sad we missed out on the fun. Next time we'll be there! Oh, and don't feel alone...we were at the park today with another playgroup, and there was a girl Kayla's age who doesn't like to swing either!

Mma said...

What a great park as it has a nice variety of things to enjoy. Don't you just love those parks with water pads or fountains...great fun!