Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun First

Today was filled with many first for Claire.  This morning Claire has her first dentist appointment.  I was pleasantly surprised that Claire let the dentist look in her mouth and brush her 2 teeth with minimal squirming and no tears. It helped that there was a duck hanging over the chair.  Claire kept pointing and saying "duck, duck." For being such a good girl Claire got to pick out a new book. . . she picked one about DUCKS.

Now our next stop did not contain any first, but sure was fun!

 We met 4 of Claire's best girlfriends for lunch at Chick fil a today.  Today was customer appreciation day so everyone, including the girls got free sandwiches!

 Ryleigh. . . Finley was there was well, but wouldn't look at me for a picture.  
It is not easy to get 4 babies to look at the camera!

Our last stop was to the Stride Rite for a real big girl pair of shoes.  

 We went with a size 2 (3-6 month size).  Although Claire's foot is getting big and she needs a 2.5 in sneakers, ha ha . 
 I don't think Claire could have been any more excited to get shoes.  She let the lady measure her foot and try 3 or 4 pairs on with a big smile on her face.  Once we came home she walked all over and happily pointed at her shoes all afternoon.  When I was little and got a new pair of shoes I would sleep in them because I was so excited, I think Claire takes after me!

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Mma said...

Look at those big girl shoes...yeah! You can never go wrong with Stride Rite. My 2 children grew up wearing them as I imagine you and Meredith did too. When I was a child I don't remember Stride Rite but I did have some Buster Browns!