Tuesday, June 26, 2012


She may look sweet and cute, but don't let her looks fool you.  Claire has been plain rotten the past few days. Anytime she doesn't get her way it is an all out melt down temper tantrum.  If she doesn't get enough graham crackers, she beats on the cabinet and screams and cries.  If you won't open the toy box and get out the toy she wants, she won't let you pick her up, arches her back and SCREAMS.

This morning we went to the library and park with her friends.  She was a good little girl at the library, but during our picnic things didn't go her way so she made sure everyone knew it.  I thought maybe she had ear infection so I took her to the doctor this afternoon, nope she's in perfect health.  I guess we are just experiencing the terrible 2's really early.

On a positive note Claire is growing.  She weighed 15 lbs 6 oz which means she has gained 2 pounds since her birthday.  For Claire 2 pounds in 4 months is excellent.  Claire's vocabulary is also growing.  Today's new word is "ball."

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Mma said...

Claire's definitely not rotten...just expressing herself in a very demonstrative manner. With the lack of a big vocabulary and being a very determined child she's just letting you know what she wants in her own way. That will change in time!