Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another day, another picnic, another trip to the pool

Life is hard when you are almost 16 months old and have lots of wonderful friends who invite you to their pools.  
Claire was VERY excited to swim today, but only if I didn't let go of her.  Claire loved the water, but whined and cried anytime I put her down.  

 After water play we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch.  Claire ate a jar of baby food, a piece of bread and of course 2 packs of Mum Mums.  

 Claire and Kayla enjoyed some lounging in the sun.  Don't worry they were both well coated with spf 50.  

 Brooks was there as well.  Here he was telling the girls a great story.  

 See Kayla pointing at the fountain.  Claire was very interested.  
 Kayla then tried to crawl over to the fountain.  She has no fear of the water.  
 Ah paradise.  Kayla's pool is amazing.  They have a kids pool , a splash pad, a big kid pool and a lazy river.  Claire knows where she wants to move!
 Don't ask me what's with Claire's new squat pose, ha ha

It was another great day and Claire is already into hour 3 of her nap.  A big Thanks to Ryleigh for letting Claire borrow her bathing suit from last summer.  Poor Claire only has bathing suits that are too big or too small.  


Mark and Jen said...

Love the pictures! We had a blast too and can't wait for the next pool playdate! :)

Mma said...

Outdoor water fun is a great past time for friends. Liam enjoys the water play and swimming too. Take advantage of all those sunny summer days as long as you can.