Tuesday, May 22, 2012

15 months

 I can't believe our little munchkin is 15 months old.  It's funny when I play with her I almost forget that she is a baby.  She interacts with you like a big girl and understands what you say.  Then something doesn't go her way, or she gets tired and I am reminded that she is still my little baby.  Claire is very sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses.  She waves at everyone and expects them to do the same.  She loves animals, especially dogs.  She has learned what the camera is and points to it when I ask if she wants me to take her picture.  She's a really good eater and willing to try anything (if she doesn't like it she throws it at Jack).  If you offer her something better than what she has in her mouth, she will spit out the original food, to make room for the new yummier food.   She LOVES books and brings them to us constantly to read them to her.  Claire is a very steady walker and loves to show off her skills everywhere now.  She loves to play with friends, but is also very good at making up her own games and playing quietly by herself.
Sleeping is still an issue, but she falls asleep all by herself now after playing in her crib.  She still hates having her diaper changed and getting dressed.    Claire is a very fun girl and we love her more each day!

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