Thursday, May 3, 2012

New toys and Lots of Fun

 Tuesday Candace and Eli were nice enough to invite us over to their new house.  Claire LOVED Eli's huge playroom and had a great time running back and forth in all of the open space.  She also had fun playing with Eli, Kayla and Brooks. 

 It's so much fun checking out new toys!

 Claire thought the mirror was very exciting and kept smiling at the pretty baby.  In teh 2nd picture she is trying to kiss the baby in the mirror. 

 As you can see we are still working on sharing, ha ha.

 Eli is lucky enough to have a cool chair like Claire's and his mommy says he loves it too.  Brooks is checking it out, I think he wants one when he turns one in July!

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Mma said...

It's always like Christmas when you go to a friends and get to see fun toys that are different from those you have at home. Sharing is definitely a learned skill and it comes with age and some more age and so on!