Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The BEST chair EVER

After several months of being on back order, Claire's birthday chair finally arrived last week.  It was well worth the wait; she LOVES it.  I bought it to match her room, but we've been keeping it in the family room because she wants to sit in it and climb on it all the time.  It's funny that she knows it is her chair.  If we try to sit in it she grabs our hand and pulls us out.
 Claire's new favorite thing is to have one paci in her mouth, one paci in her hand, and her baby in her other hand. 

 This is the bear Claire built last week. 

 "Yay, I love my chair!!!!!"  Thanks Nana and Pop Bowlby, Grandma and Grandpa Bowlby, Aunt Linda and Uncle Mel and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Lauren for the birthday money my mommy used to buy the chair :)

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Mma said...

That was a great way to spend Claire's birthday money. What a sweet chair!