Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

We celebrated a little early (yesterday) since Claire's daddy had to work today.  The Starnes Family was nice enough to invite us over for a picnic.  

 We were in charge of dessert, so I made mini chocolate cupcakes, with vanilla frosting and patriotic red, white and blue M&M's.  They were delicious and pretty.  Claire was not thrilled that she couldn't eat any before the party.  

 Claire never wants to look at the camera for a picture with me. . . but has no problem posing with her daddy.

 Claire walked right up to Finley's piano and started playing and dancing.  She thought it was so cool!  Do you like Claire's patriotic onesie. . . it is size 0-3 month and was her 4th of July shirt for last year (it was too big then).  Can you believe our 15 month old is wearing a 0- month shirt, ha ha

 Claire loves to point out where the nose and eyes are on babies.  
 Claire loved playing with her friend Finely!

 The dinner was delicious. . . but Claire had waited all day to dig into the cupcakes.  

 Look at Claire's belly.

 She had to lick her fingers to make sure she got EVERY last drop of icing.  

So much fun. . . it was time to go home and put Claire down for a nap.  

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Mma said...

What a nice way to celebrate Memorial Day with special friends. I have to agree with Claire...those cupcakes not only look festive but yummy! Happy Memorial Day!