Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nicu reunion

 This was Claire's type of party, all desserts!  The reunion was set up like a carnival with games, a train ride, cupcakes, cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones and popcorn. 

 If you notice in the first picture Claire has a pretty brown flower bow, she broke it in the car, so we had to put our back up bow in her hair. 

 This is Claire's friend, Gavan, he was born at 27 weeks and walked with us at the March of Dimes walk.

 I walked past this giraffe in front of the hospital gift shop everyday I visited Claire in the nicu.  I always wanted to buy it for her, but it cost $100.  She thought it was so cool when we showed it to her yesterday.  She kept waving and saying hi.   

Posing in front of Claire's first home.  Troy didn't want to be in the picture :(


ice cream face

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Mma said...

What a nice carnival and all of Claire's favorites...sweets!