Saturday, May 5, 2012

Claire at 14 months

 Claire has mastered drinking water out of her sippy cup.  Now don't even think about putting milk in her cup, that is not an option to Claire.  She still will only drink milk out of her ba ba. 

I love watching Claire play.  She is really starting to get creative with her toys.  She thinks it is fun to take her Easter eggs or pacis and drop them down the silo, retrieve them at the bottom and do it again. 

 She loves to carry around babies and hug and kiss them. 

 Claire has learned where we keep her toy baskets and has no problem pulling them out and choosing what she wants to play with each day.

She also likes to take her paci's and babies for walks. 

Her favorite activity by far this month though is reading books.  She spends most of her day picking out the book she wants us to read, walking over to us and standing there until we read it over and over and over again. 
Our favorite new development this month are her sleep habits.  Last week she slept 10.5 hours one night and only woke up once.  The bestest is that she has started putting herself to sleep.  Three times so far I have put Claire in her crib fully awake and she plays for about 15 minutes and then lays down and puts herself to sleep!!!!!  I really never though this would happen, never. 

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Mma said...

Claire is certainly a very busy girl and well rounded with her play.